Took a while but I have finally completed the modules on cyber safety on Connect.ed.

I couldn’t help but think the entire time I was completing the online simulations “Oh no she is going to be telling everyone where she is and where she lives on an exact day at the exact time”. That probably wasn’t even the point though, but that’s what first came to my mind.

I feel I would have responded differently if I actually knew a bit more of the context.

However, the surveys and modules have opened my eyes more about cyber safety and definitely recommend checking it out.

Here is my certificate that I received.


Goodbye wordpress…

Goodbye wordpress! Forever? I am not sure. Most likely not. I will probably end up making my future students do this as well so they can learn my suffering! (Kidding! Or am I?)

I have enjoyed doing the blog posts yet haven’t enjoyed it at the same time, so just wanted to say farewell unless I come up with something else to talk about!

A nifty quote…

I wanted to add this nifty quote I found on study desk by Alan Kay,

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

As teachers we are helping change little people’s lives. We are not only giving them an education, but an opportunity. We are creating a brilliant future if we only try and want! Karleigh also feels this way, so it is not just me!

I helped change one life for even just one day whilst on prac… and I can’t wait to change so many lives. And in 30 years when I have students coming back telling me how much they appreciated me, I will know I have done something fantastic. And what better way to live your life, by having a job that changes others, which eventually leads to changing yourself in the best of ways.

Positive behaviour! Positive behaviour! Positive behaviour!

Positive behaviour! Positive behaviour! Positive behaviour! I swear all I ever hear about is Positive Behaviour for Learning! And you know why? BECAUSE IT WORKS!
The school I was at for prac used nothing but PBL or previously known as SWPBS, and even the difficult kids there was a noticeable difference.

Thank you to Karleigh for showing me this useful website. This website talks about a range of positive behaviour management approaches, such as schoolwide positive behaviour supportrestorative practices and peer support. These and a wide range of other approaches aim to restore and build relationships and a positive school culture in the broadest sense.

There is also a nifty video and some activity ideas.

Totally going to link myself…….

Ok so I just scrolled through to see how many blog posts I had done and I noticed this post. Here is little old me saying that I had a feeling that prac would be the worst prac ever and that I was doomed because I have had nothing but good mentors every single prac and a great class.

I am glad to say that my thoughts were proven wrong, as I stated earlier this is definitely my best prac yet. It helped open my eyes that special ed is definitely for me and I don’t want to do anything else. I don’t even mind now if next semesters mentor is bad because one out of five is fine with my as I have heard bad stories of people having many bad experiences (touch wood though).

I think I will be the happiest pig in mud however if next semesters prac (even though it is sadly a mainstream) turns out fantastic as well.

The IWB, cue angels singing!

I found the ICTs in the class I was in quite limited, however, did find that they had an IWB that they never utilised! Tianna uploaded a great video explaining the IWB for those who have not had a chance to use one.

Here is the video

The interactive whiteboard is a saviour in disguise, and I definitely see why teachers use it as a go to, it is both engaging yet educational! The only issue I found with using it in class is that as it was never used when the students tapped the board it registered that they clicked somewhere else. Though this was great as the students had to pick up on this and guesstimate where they should have been clicking for it to work.

Hard semester…

I am glad that I am not in saying that this semester has been difficult, just as Tianna and Haylea have stated it has been a very long and hard semester. However, prac has been my highlight. My mentor told me I am welcome to come back for my internship and I have definitely found this last prac my favourite yet.
At first I was worried as the school I was at was over 40 minutes away. The prac office lady told me “you can say no”, but I said yes and I am so glad that I did! This prac has helped me open my eyes as to why I wanted to become a teacher to begin with!